The Processor's State After Reset

The assertion of the processor's reset input has the effects indicated in Table 37-1 on page 878.

Table 37-1. Effects of Reset on the CPU
L3 CacheIf the processor implements an L3 Cache, all entries in the L3 Cache are invalidated.
L2 CacheAll entries in the L2 Cache are invalidated.
Trace CacheAll entries in the Trace Cache are invalidated.
L1 Data CacheAll entries in the L1 Data Cache are invalidated.
Branch Target Buffers (BTBs)All entries in the BTBs are invalidated, causing all initial branches to be predicted by the static, rather than dynamic, branch prediction units. For additional information, refer to “The Front-End BTB” on page 910, “The Static Branch Predictor” on page 911, and “The Trace Cache ...

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