Chapter 5. Jumbo Elements: Building Bigger Bricks

In Chapter 3, you learned about scale as you created a small-scale train station for a small-scale LEGO town. In this chapter, we’ll do the opposite: build a model that’s larger than life.

One way to illustrate this technique is to use LEGO bricks to make jumbo bricks that look just like the regular LEGO bricks but are many times larger, as you can see in Figure 5-1.

To build a jumbo brick we scale up by multiplying the dimensions of the real-life object by a scale factor (as discussed in Chapter 3). For example, in Chapter 3 we said that minifig scale should be around 1:48. That is, models or vehicles in a minifig world are 48 times smaller than the same object in the real world. In this chapter, ...

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