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Mike Halsey, The Windows 10 Productivity Handbook, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3294-1_2

2. Making Your PC More Pleasurable to Use

Mike Halsey

(1)Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

You have no doubt changed the desktop wallpaper on your PC, probably many times. This means you know you can right-click in any blank space on the desktop to access the Personalization options. Did you know that’s there’s much more that you can do to make your desktop a more pleasurable space in which to work?

Personalizing the Lock Screen

Let’s start with those Personalization options. They open the Settings app (or panel), which you can also open by clicking the “gear” icon on the bottom left of the Start menu. On the left, you see the ...

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