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Mike Halsey, The Windows 10 Productivity Handbook, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3294-1_5

5. Maximize Your Windows Experience

Mike Halsey

(1)Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

So far in this book, I’ve shown you a whole raft of features and utilities that you can use to help you become more productive when using your PC, and to help you enjoy the experience more. Individually they can perhaps seem quite complex and daunting, so I want to spend some time looking at how all of this fits together, so you can create a cohesive working experience, and how you can use some of the more useful features in more depth.

Getting Your Day Started

Your day starts at the lock screen (see Figure 5-1). Bleary-eyed you’ll stare at it ...

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