Leadership and Emergent Collective Cognition*

Toshio Murase, Christian J. Resick, Miliani Jiménez, Elizabeth Sanz and Leslie A. DeChurch

Leadership is … about the ability to make others feel part of a larger thing. It’s part of being able to articulate the social architecture in a way that others can understand, believe in and follow.

Kevin Sharer CEO Amgen (quoted in Bryant, 2009, p. BU2)

Leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping and reshaping the cognitive states that emerge and underpin collective performance. Although both the leadership (e.g., Weick, 1995) and teams (Burke, Stagle, Salas, Pierce, & Kendall, 2006; Randall, Resick, & DeChurch, 2009) literatures have begun to explicitly examine the role of leadership in shaping collective ...

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