images 47. How Do I Best Use My Facebook Page?

Facebook is the biggest social networking site and is growing by thousands if not tens of thousands every day. Because of its huge user base, you cannot deny the ease with which a brand can reach its customers and create potential customers. Today, brands are jumping on the Page bandwagon to utilize Facebook because it allows them to boost their brand's reach, influence, and engagement with people. It is convenient for a brand to create a Page and publish its profile and products; however, setting up a Facebook Page that receives many likes and a huge fan base is never an easy task. This section covers some easy things you can do to help increase the number of likes and engagement with the brand.

Make Them Like It First

Most users probably click the Wall or Info, and if nothing is more fascinating than that, chances are they will leave your Page. It is an advantage to you when visitors “like” your page (see Figure 7-4) and then become a true fan. This is because they can then be updated from time to time with the latest things you publish on their timeline. To encourage them to “like” the Page, you can make all non-fans see a landing page first when they arrive at your Page. The main purpose of your Facebook landing page is to convert visitors into fans. You should place a clear call-to-action graphic in the Landing tab to help get more “likes” ...

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