Appendix A

Creating Calculator Programs

In This Chapter

arrow Creating, saving, editing, and deleting calculator programs

arrow Editing a program on the calculator

arrow Executing programs on the calculator

arrow Deleting a calculator program

arrow Using a computer to enter a calculator program

The programming language used by the calculator is similar to the Basic programming language. It uses the standard commands (such as the “If …, then …, else …” command) that are familiar to anyone who has ever written a program. And, of course, it also makes use of commands that are unique to the calculator (such as ClrHome, which clears the Home screen). This appendix explains the basics of creating a calculator program. Appendix B discusses programming commands that are unique to the calculator, and Appendix C describes the Basic programming commands used by the calculator.

Creating and saving a program on the calculator

These are the basic steps for creating a program on the calculator:

1. Press p<e to create a new ...

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