Appendix B

Controlling Program Input and Output

In This Chapter

arrow Entering program input and output commands

arrow Using input commands (Input, Prompt)

arrow Using output commands (Disp, Output)

arrow Using a program to change the color and graph style of a function

arrow Using a program to change the color of text

Program input is information that the program requests from the program user. Program output is information passed from the program back to the program user. This chapter explains how to get a program to shuttle information back and forth between the program and the program user.

The Program I/O menu, which houses the input and output commands, is available only when you’re using the Program editor to create a new program or to edit an existing program. A screen of the Program I/O menu appears in Figure B-1. Creating and editing programs are explained in Appendix A.


Figure B-1: The Program I/O menu. ...

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