Videotape time and control codes

ANSI/SMPTE 12M-1986 (amended 1993): American National Standard for television - time and control cycle - video and audio tape for 525 line/60 field systems.

ANSI/SMPTE 230M-1991: V2 in Type L - Electrical Parameters Control Code and Tracking Control.

EBU N12-1994: Time and Control Codes for Television Recording.

IEC 461:1986 (amended 1993) and BS 6865:1987 (amended 1993) British Standards Specification for Time and Control Codes for Videotape Recorders.

SMPTE 228M (Proposed): 19 mm type D-l Cue and Time and Control Code Records.

SMPTE 248M (Proposed): 19 mm type D-2 Cue Record and Time and Control Code Records.

SMPTE 262M: Storage and Transmission of Data in Binary Groups of Time and Control Codes. ...

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