Chapter 8

Adding Your Name as Text


check Using text objects in your Tinkercad design

check Making sure your text is a solid object

check Using fonts for your Tinkercad text

check Making sure your text is the correct height

In this chapter, you find out how to add a text object inside the indent in your baseplate. (If you haven’t created an indent in the baseplate, see Chapter 7.)

You also discover how to use text objects from the Tinkercad Basic Shapes menu and how to size them and give them specific fonts and colors so as to highlight them in your design.

Getting to the Right View

More often than not, you will end up in a view in Tinkercad where you don’t want to be. You may have used your manual orbit or zoomed in too close or too far out perhaps.

tip The best way to get back to the right view in Tinkercad is to use the preset views on the ViewCube. These preset views provide you with full 360 degree viewing of your Tinkercad design.

Figure 8-1 shows you a typical view of your design that you ...

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