Chapter 11. Integrating Trino with Other Tools

As you learned in Chapter 1, Trino unlocks a wide array of choices on how to use Trino. By now you’ve learned a lot about running a Trino cluster, connecting with JDBC, and writing queries running against one or multiple catalogs.

It is time to look at some applications that are successfully used with Trino in numerous organizations. The following sections cover various scenarios representing a small subset of the possibilities.

Queries, Visualizations, and More with Apache Superset

Apache Superset can be described as a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application. But this short and concise description really does not do justice to Superset.

Superset runs as a web application in your infrastructure and therefore does not require your business analysts and other users to install or manage their tools on their workstations. It supports Trino as a data source and so can be used as a frontend for your users accessing Trino, and all the configured data sources.

Once connected to Superset, users can start writing their queries in the included rich SQL query editor called SQL Lab. SQL Lab allows you to write queries in multiple tabs, browse the metadata of the database for assistance, run the queries, and receive the results in the user interface in a table. Even long-running queries are supported. SQL Lab also has numerous UI features that help you write the queries, or reduce that effort to a button click or two. For ...

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