Chapter 5. Troubleshooting IGRP

This chapter covers the following key topics:

Troubleshooting IGRP route installation

Troubleshooting IGRP route advertisement

Troubleshooting IGRP redistribution problems

Troubleshooting dial-on-demand (DDR) routing issues in IGRP

Troubleshooting route flapping in IGRP

Troubleshooting variance problem

This chapter discusses common problems in IGRP networks and how to solve those problems. IGRP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. IGRP fixes some of the problems with RIP, but still it has similar characteristics as RIP. IGRP also does not support discontiguous networks or VLSM; however, it does have good features, such as variance, and its metric is based on bandwidth and delay instead of hop count.

Most ...

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