Chapter 20. Shutdown Discontent

Do you ever get the feeling that the computer just doesn't want to be switched off? It's not that "please don't go" sentiment that I get from my PC. No, it's more of a "Why would you possibly want to turn me off?" kind of arrogance. I know that it's arrogance because sometimes the computer absolutely refuses to shut down. Hey! The party is over. Time to go!

This chapter answers the question of why your PC sometimes refuses to shut down. It dives into the computer conscience to determine which stubborn programs refuse to quit. Finally, it describes the best ways to really, seriously, turn off your PC when you need to. Honestly! Turning off a computer should not be a four-star ordeal.

What to Do When Your PC Doesn't Shut Down

Give the computer about two or three minutes before you're certain that it's stuck. Then just turn the sucker off. I know — that's "bad," but what else can you do?

Well, yeah: You can get the situation fixed. Windows is supposed to shut down and turn off the computer all by itself. When it doesn't work that way, you need to fix things, as covered in this section.

  • If the Power button doesn't turn off the computer, press and hold that button for about three seconds. That usually works. See the section "Controlling the Power Button's Behavior", later in this chapter.

  • If the Power button still doesn't turn off the computer, unplug it. Or, if your computer is connected to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), turn off the UPS.

Solve common ...

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