Requirements for CEO and Business Leadership

Chapter 18 talks to CEOs and all business managers and professionals. The first part emphasizes the important messages and roles for CEOs. The second part speaks to all business managers and professionals, as partners with the IT leadership and organizations.

Practically everyone—authors, CIO organizations, CIOs—believes the CEOs (and CEO-equivalents in lines of business and large functional areas) need to provide the leadership and support for IT in the business. Why is this? Primarily because IT represents change and perhaps transformation in the business, and change requires vision, motivation, encouragement, cheerleading—all of which are elements of leadership. And it is the role of the CEO to motivate and provide all this.

We stated this principle in Chapter 11:

Leadership: Senior business and IT management provides support for the business–IT relationship and provides leadership throughout the life of the relationship. IT leadership creates business-focused culture and nurtures the best relationships within IT and with the business. The CEO and business leadership establishes the environment for the partnership, the roles to be played, and the necessary commitment and motivation. Chapter 10 describes the leadership required.

Chapter 18 summarizes this book from the CEO perspective and makes seven basic messages to the CEO and business leadership. The importance of the CEO's role in enabling the culture and commitment ...

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