0.382 trailing stop, 207

0.618 constant. See golden mean (phi)

0.886 retracement, origin of, 23

1.618 constant. See golden ratio (Phi)

20/20 hindsight in trade execution, 181-182


AB=CD patterns, 41

Alternate AB=CD patterns, 62-63

Bearish AB=CD pattern, 51

Australian Dollar 15-minute chart example, 55-56

Goldman Sachs 15-minute chart example, 52-53

Philadelphia Gold and Silver Mining Index daily chart example, 54

S&P 500 September 2003 Mini-contract 60-minute chart example, 57-61

Bullish AB=CD pattern, 42

Dow Jones Industrial Average 5-minute chart example, 47-48

Eurodollar 60-minute chart example, 45-46

Google weekly chart example, 43-45

NASDAQ 100 Continuous Mini-contract 15-minute chart example, 49-50

Butterfly pattern and, ...

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