Getting Arty with the GIMP

The Windows and Mac worlds may have Photoshop, but the Linux world has the GIMP. While arguably not as powerful as Photoshop, the GIMP is a capable contender, which may explain why it has been ported over to both Mac and Windows. The GIMP allows you to create bitmap graphics and, quite importantly, retouch or completely doctor image files. With the GIMP you can get rid of red-eye in your digital photos, airbrush out unwanted shadows (or even facial blemishes), give your image a canvas texture, change a photo into an oil painting, and even add a bell pepper here and there—and with drop shadows no less (see Figure 14-6). To run the GIMP, go to the Applications menu, and select Graphics ► GIMP Image Editor.

Figure 14-6. Manipulating ...

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