Umbraco comes with four starter kits to help you get up and running quickly with your Umbraco installation. These include the Simple starter kit, the Blog starter kit, the Personal starter kit, and the Business starter kit. Each of these starter kits contains a collection of document types, templates, and modules that make up a simple but complete site. In addition, you can customize each starter kit with a skin and additional modules (discussed later). You can either install Umbraco starter kits when you install Umbraco or at a later time from the Developer Packages section of the Umbraco backoffice as shown in Figure 1-22.



Installing a Starter Kit

Umbraco starter kits take a best practices approach to site structure. Although the rest of this book deals with the Umbraco building blocks—document types, templates, and such—in great detail, after Umbraco has been installed, the Umbraco starter kits give a simple example of how you should structure a site, which is especially helpful for new Umbraco users. If you didn't install a Starter Kit when you installed Umbraco, don't worry; this section details how to install a starter kit and modules to an existing Umbraco installation.

If you've already installed a starter kit, you made a good choice! With a starter kit installed you have a great starting point with some basic content, templates, ...

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