Working with media and XSLT is a bit specialized. It relies heavily on the use of XSLT extensions because media is not cached or treated the same as standard content nodes are in Umbraco. A media item has several properties, as discussed in Chapter 2. Most commonly, you want to use XSLT to output a media item that someone selected as part of the content entry using the Media Picker data type, as shown in Figure 11-3.

If you queried the FAQ node in this case to get the selected media item, all you would get back is the media node Id. Listing 11-2 shows an extract of the FAQ node as it would come back to you when you query for it in Listing 11-3.



LISTING 11-2: FAQ Node from Cache

<FAQ id=“1057” parentID=“1055” level=“3” writerID=“0” creatorID=“0”
nodeType=“1053” template=“0” sortOrder=“2” createDate=“2010-11-18T07:08:03”
updateDate=“2011-01-21T17:03:17” nodeName=“How do I add a page?” urlName=“how-
do-i-add-a-page” writerName=“Administrator” creatorName=“Administrator”
path=“-1,1048,1055,1057” isDoc=“”>
    <p>I was just wondering how I might add a page to the backend?</p>

LISTING 11-3: ...

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