This chapter provides you with a detailed walkthrough of what an Umbraco application might look like as a real-world example. The application is built to illustrate a lot of the features of Umbraco and is a classified ads submission and browsing application. You can apply the functionality demonstrated in this sample application to a variety of other implementations as well. The application should serve as a good example for you even if the Umbraco implementation that you are working on is not directly tied to classified ads.

You must configure three components to make this application run:

  • Visual Studio Solution with all the code that supports the sample application.

    image If you do not have access to Visual Studio you can run and build this solution using Microsoft Webmatrix. You can find Webmatrix at www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix/.

  • Archives containing a complete install of Umbraco 4.6.1, including one of the freely available skins. This also includes all the customizations to installed templates, which are covered later in this chapter in “The Umbraco Installation Components” section.
  • SQL Server database files for the Umbraco installation.

    image To get a refresher on how to deploy an Umbraco instance, see Chapter 13.

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