Chapter 13. 6to4

At the end of this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define the address format, encapsulation, and intended use of the 6to4 IPv6 transition technology.

  • Describe how the IPv6 protocol in Windows supports 6to4 as a host, host/router, and router.

  • List and describe the routes on a 6to4 host, a 6to4 host/router, a 6to4 router, and the IPv6 routers on the IPv6 Internet that make 6to4-based communication possible.

  • Describe how 6to4-tunneled communication works between 6to4 hosts, 6to4 host/routers, 6to4 routers on the IPv4 Internet, and IPv6 hosts on the IPv6 Internet.

  • Describe how to manually configure a computer running Windows as a 6to4 router.

6to4 Overview

6to4 is an address assignment and router-to-router, host-to-router, ...

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