4. The Motion Data
Chapter outline
Motion Data Types and Formats135
The .C3D File Format137
The .C3D Header Section138
The .C3D Parameter Section138
The .C3D Data Section140
The Acclaim File Format143
The .asf File143
The .amc File146
The .bva File Format147
The .bvh File Format149
The .trc File Format152
The .htr File Format154
Writing a Motion Capture Translator161
Motion Data Types and Formats
Depending on the system you are using, you will have to deal with several different motion data file formats. Real-time systems usually generate a stream of data that can be used directly in the animation software with the help of special plug-ins. Some optical systems' data is also generated in real time but in most cases it is not, so it won't be streamed into ...

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