Chapter 6: Exploring Unreal Engine 5

In the previous chapters, you learned how to create 3D assets. You now have the practical and theoretical knowledge to create mechanical and organic models. You also know how to UV map and texture these 3D assets.

You are now ready to take both of the 3D assets that you've made and use them as 3D movie set pieces (the Alien Plant) and actors (the Robot Drone) for your virtual 3D movie production.

We will begin with the basic functions of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) that we will use for our tutorials in Chapter 7, Setting Up Materials in UE5, Chapter 8, Using MetaHuman to Create a Photo-Realistic Human for UE5, Chapter 9, Building a Virtual 3D Movie Set in UE5, and Chapter 10, Adding Lighting and Atmospheric Visual ...

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