Chapter 5It's About Decisions, Not Conditions

The Law of the Mirror: It is my daily decisions, not external conditions, that determine how far I go and how fast I get there. Thus, upgrading my life to game changer status is based on my decisions and is not contingent on conditions I cannot control.

After reading the nine insights that were provided in Chapter 4—regarding elevating your mindset, performance, and life to game changer status—one thing should be abundantly clear: working and living in a manner where game changer status (being consistently energized, focused, and unstoppable) dominates your existence is a matter of decisions, not conditions. And for that you should be grateful, because this puts you in charge of your destiny. After all, decisions are within your control, whereas conditions are not. So the good news is you get to choose whether you will become a game changer. The bad news is that, if you don't make the leap to a point where game changer status dominates both your work and your life, then it is all on you; you cannot blame others or stuff. You have to fault your thinking, choices, and behaviors.

Frankly, an aspiring game changer would not want it any other way. Game changers in the making are not waiting for some universal, cosmic welfare system to lift them out of obscurity, subsidize their performance, and give them a handout or a hand up to get started. Rather, their philosophy is to count on the things they can control: mindset, faith, persistence, ...

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