Chapter 12. Upgrading a Computer for Editing Movies

Tasks in this chapter

  • Transferring movies and photos from a camera or camcorder to a computer

  • Upgrading a computer for video editing

No longer the shoulder-toted boxes of yesteryear, camcorders now live inside most digital cameras and cellphones, transforming everybody into a cinematographer. Old-school vacationers probably still have a few old camcorder tapes lying around.

But whether you created your movies yesterday or years ago, you're probably waiting for enough time to edit them into treasured keepsakes, storing them on DVDs for everybody to enjoy.

Editing takes a lot of time, but taking the essential first step — copying the video into your computer — doesn't take much time at all.

This chapter tackles the problem of moving your video out of its current receptacle and into your computer for storage. Actually, those old video tapes may be deteriorating, so your deadline for moving old video into your computer could be sooner than you think. See the sidebar, "Capturing sound and video fro mold camcorders," in this chapter. You also find help if you want to upgrade a computer so it can handle video editing.

Transferring Movies and Photos from a Camera or Camcorder to a Computer

Digital cameras and digital camcorders cooperate with your computer quite easily. As you film the action, the digital camcorder ...

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