Chapter 5. Product Reviews

With more and more options for shoppers arriving on the Internet every day, finding the right products can be a challenge. Special interest websites that feature specific kinds of products and reviews by dedicated hobbyists are a popular way to help consumers sort through all of the options and find the right stuff. In this chapter, we’re going to use a handful of Drupal modules to build a product review website that lets community members give their opinions on every featured product.

This chapter introduces the following modules:

Field Group

Allows fields to be grouped into fieldsets


Gathers product information from

Voting API

Provides a framework for standardizing voting data


Allows rating of content

Search (core)

Indexes content and allows searching within a site

CSS Injector

Allows administrators to easily add CSS styling to the site

If you would like to participate in the hands-on exercises in this chapter, install Drupal using the Reviews installation profile from the book’s sample code. This will create the example website on your web server. The completed website will look as pictured in Figure 5-1 and found at For more information on using the book’s sample code, see the Preface.

The completed Super Duper Chefs website

Figure 5-1. The completed Super Duper Chefs website

Case Study

Bob and Sarah are coworkers and food lovers who’ve both built ...

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