Administrator Menus

The menu at the top of the Administrator Control Panel serves as a launching point to virtually every area of Joomla’s backend. Like the Control Panel, the user group determines which menu items users have access to.


The Site drop-down menu, shown in Figure 3-2, contains links to pages that facilitate the management of users, media files, and configuration settings.

Control Panel

This links to the same Control Panel that was previously discussed.

User Manager

The User Manager allows you to manage user accounts.

Media Manager

The Media Manager allows you to upload files into Joomla. Examples of file types would be images, documents, videos, audio files, and so on. Once uploaded, you can embed and link to them from various places within the CMS.

Global Configuration

A lot of high-level Joomla settings can be modified in the Global Configuration.


This will log you out of the Administrator Backend.

Site drop-down menu

Figure 3-2. Site drop-down menu


The Menus drop-down allows you to access pages where you will have the ability to add, edit, and delete menus and menu items. Figure 3-3 shows the Menus drop-down as it would look if sample data was not installed. If you loaded the sample data during installation, you’ll see other menus below Main Menu.

Menu Manager

The Menu Manager is where you add, edit, and delete menus.

Menu Trash

Deleted menu items are put in the Menu Trash. You can think ...

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