Chapter 5. Preparing Your Content

Whoever said “content is king” was right. Attracting site visitors requires compelling content that is regularly updated. In this chapter, we’ll give you the best ways to organize your article content in Joomla. It’s not much different than you would do for any other website, but there are a few important tips to speed up the process.

At this stage, you might have already chosen to install the sample content during Joomla installation and you can follow along using that. If not, you may want to begin thinking about it and creating your own.

Planning, Creating, and Organizing Your Content

Building a new website means creating content for your visitors. When you first sit down to create your new Joomla site, a little bit of planning and forethought can save you a lot of time down the road. But don’t worry if you haven’t worked out every little detail. Joomla is flexible enough for you to be able to move things around and readjust later on.

The first recommended step is to create a site map. It may be a simple napkin sketch or a complex diagram (see Figure 5-1).

Sketch on a napkin and OmniGraffle IA

Figure 5-1. Sketch on a napkin and OmniGraffle IA

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