The Front Page Manager

The default home page of your Joomla website is called the front page. The Front Page Manager is a tool for managing content on the home page of your website. Articles added here will be shown on your home page in the order they are displayed on the backend. To access it, go to ContentFront Page Manager in the top menu.


The Front Page Manager manages a page called the Front Page. This Front Page doesn’t have to be the home page of your site, but commonly is. If you wanted to have another page as the home page (e.g., with a Flash intro animation) your users would see before getting to your website, your Front Page wouldn’t be the home page.

There are two ways to publish an article on the home page:

  • Click the icon by the article title in the Front Page column of the Article Manager (see Figure 6-23).

  • While creating or editing an article, find the Front Page radio buttons near the title and click Yes to add this article to the Front Page. Make sure the article is published by selecting Yes (see Figure 6-24). Click Save or Apply in the top toolbar.

Article Manager and icon in Front Page column

Figure 6-23. Article Manager and icon in Front Page column

Editing an article: Front Page and Published radio buttons

Figure 6-24. Editing an article: Front Page and Published radio buttons

Now that you’ve published an article or two on your home page, let’s go to the Front Page ...

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