Menu Trash

Simply put, you can think of the Menu Trash as nothing more than a recycle bin for your menu items. The Trash Manager can be found in the Administrator Backend by going to MenusTrash Manager. Figure 7-25 shows an example of what the Trash Manager looks like with a few trashed menu items. This example shows eight menu items that have been trashed from four different menus.

Trash Manager: [Menu Items]

Figure 7-25. Trash Manager: [Menu Items]

There are only two things you can do on this page—you can restore a menu item back to the menu it was removed from or you can delete it permanently.

Restore Menu Items

To restore menu items, click the checkboxes next to the menu items you want to restore and click Restore. You will be taken to a confirmation screen as shown in Figure 7-26. If you are sure you want to restore the menu items shown, click Restore. Joomla will confirm you’re doubly sure by showing a message box confirming once more that you want to really restore the menu items.

When menu items are restored and returned to the menu from which they were deleted, they are unpublished. They don’t return to their same positions in the order. Instead, they’ll be the last items in the menu order (at the bottom of the menu). You can then move the menu item into the desired position and republish it when you’re ready.

Figure 7-26. Trash Manager: Restore Items

Permanently Delete Menu Items

To permanently delete menu ...

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