Built-in Frontend Modules

Frontend modules display information on the public-facing portion of your website.


Skip to the explanation in View All of the Module Positions to see a trick for how to display all the module positions on a website.

Joomla comes with a set of basic modules to get you started.

Article Modules

Archived Content

Displays a list of archived articles in the form of calendar months.

Latest News

Shows the latest articles within a specific category.

Most Read Content

Displays the most popular articles based on number of views.


Shows an article or groups of articles from a specific category.

Related Articles

Shows articles with matching metakeywords.


Shows a list of links to site sections containing articles.

Component Modules


Displays the banner of your choice. See Chapter 8 to set up banners.


Shows user polls. See Chapter 8 to set up a user poll.

Feed Modules

Feed Display

Displays the results of an RSS feed from another site.


Creates an RSS link for a specific page on your site.

User Modules


Displays a login box. Once a user is logged in, it displays a welcome message and a logout button.

Who’s Online

Displays a module showing which users are online and logged in.

Other Modules


Shows navigation breadcrumbs (or pathway).

Custom HTML

Displays some custom HTML. For more details on this module, see Creating a Custom HTML Module.


Displays a copyright with your site name and Joomla information/license link.


Displays a menu. Refer to ...

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