14.5 PROJECT 14.5 – Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter using the SmartGLCD

14.5.1 Project Description

In this project we shall be converting decimal numbers into hexadecimal format by designing a calculator program using the Visual GLCD software and the SmartGLCD module. A keypad will be designed with decimal numbers 0 to 9, so that a decimal number can be entered. Touching the ENTER button will convert the entered number into hexadecimal and display it. The CLR button is used to clear the screen, so that a new number can be entered.

14.5.2 Screen Layout

The required screen layout is shown in Figure 14.32.

Figure 14.32 Screen layout of the project


14.5.3 Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of the SmartGLCD board is as shown in Figure 14.19 in the form of blocks. A PIC18F8722 type microcontroller is used in the design. Details of the actual circuit diagram can be obtained from the manufacturer's Web site (http://www.mikroe.com).

The steps in creating the project using the Visual GLCD software are given below:

1. Create Project File
Start the Visual GLCD software as before, and name the project as CONVERTER.
2. Configure Project
The settings are as in the previous project (see Figures 14.20, 14.21, and 14.22).
3. Add Screen and Give it a Name
There is only one screen in the project. Name the screen as ‘Converter’.
4. Place components
We can now place the components on the screen. ...

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