Chapter 2. Customizing and Configuring Your NOOKcolor

Your NOOKcolor has many features that enable you to easily customize it and make it your own. There are also many settings that control how your NOOKcolor operates. In this chapter, you examine how to customize and configure your NOOKcolor.

Using Custom Wallpaper

You can customize your NOOKcolor by using custom wallpaper images. Wallpaper appears on the Home pages when you are on the Home screen.

Choosing a Wallpaper

The easiest place to change your NOOKcolor’s wallpaper is to go to the Home screen. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your NOOKcolor is at the Home screen by pressing the Home button.
  2. In an area of the Home page without a cover, press and hold. A pop-up menu appears (see Figure 2.1

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