Chapter 5. Working with Directories

The DirectoryEntry

Directories in the sandboxed filesystem are represented by the DirectoryEntry interface. A DirectoryEntry contains many of the properties and methods found in FileEntry. Both inherit from a generic entry interface. However, it includes additional method for working with directories.



Boolean. True if the entry is a file.


Boolean. True if the entry is a directory.


DOMString. The name of the directory, excluding the path leading to it.


DOMString. The full absolute path from the root to the directory.


FileSystem. The filesystem on which the directory resides.


getMetadata (successCallback, opt_errorCallback)

Looks up metadata about this directory.

moveTo (parentDirEntry, opt_newName, opt_successCallback, opt_errorCallback)

Moves the directory to a different location on the filesystem.

copyTo (parentDirEntry, opt_newName, opt_successCallback, opt_errorCallback)

Copies the directory to a different parent on the filesystem. Directory copies are always recursive. It is an error to copy a directory inside itself or to copy it into its parent if a new name is not provided.

toURL ();

Returns a filesystem: URL that can be used to identify this directory. See Chapter 7.

remove (successCallback, opt_errorCallback)

Deletes a file or directory. It is an error to attempt to delete the root directory of a filesystem or a directory that is not empty.

getParent (successCallback, opt_errorCallback)

Returns the ...

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