Chapter 8

Designing the Content Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying which content types are necessary for your experience

arrow Understanding how to label and organize content

arrow Creating a “content model”

Information is power.

— Robin Morgan

Designing a content strategy for UX requires many different tasks. That is because content strategy is not a discipline where just one or two key activities are performed. Ultimately, many different types of tasks are included in content strategy, and these depend largely on the solution that you are creating. This chapter builds on Chapter 7, which outlines the necessary activities for content strategy in the discovery and define phases of UX work.

Getting Started with Content Strategy

This chapter draws from the deliverables in Chapter 7 to design other elements of content strategy. Given the breadth of the topic, this chapter focuses on key content strategy tasks and deliverables and notes when each is necessary and to which types of work it applies. In general, follow these steps in the design phase of content strategy. Details on how to complete each step are detailed further in the chapter.

  1. Review the audit, inventory, and recommendations to ...

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