Chapter 14

Making It Past the Finish Line

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying when you might need assistance

arrow Knowing when to bring in help

arrow Finding UX help

Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steel-making.

— Richard Florida

UX is a particularly multidisciplinary field. As mentioned in Chapter 1, UX design is a healthy mix of both art and science, of creativity mixed with functional requirements, all delivered through technology. The chapters in this book aim to cover many of the considerations that go into the process of UX design, including information architecture, visual design, content strategy, and technology, among others, and to convey a baseline understanding of the diverse world of UX. However, no one person will be an expert at all the disciplines that are part of UX. A Swiss Army knife is good for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks, but you still need other tools for bigger tasks. Furthermore, if a project is complex in nature (with significant interactive or technical functionality), the depth and breadth of expertise needed to successfully execute a project can be significant.

Some small projects are ideal ...

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