Chapter 6. Storyboarding Value Innovation

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Storyboarding Value Innovation

Reaching beyond existing demand is a key component of achieving value innovation.*

If your goal is to invent something unique, you need to home in on the benefits that will make your product indispensable to users. That means you need to envisage the opportunities you uncovered in the prior chapters. To do that, you need to mash up the principles of Tenet 2: Value Innovation with Tenet 4: Frictionless UX (Figure 6-1).

If you’re a seasoned design professional, be aware that this chapter is not about pushing pixels or making cool-looking deliverables. Instead, it’s about using design hacks to focus your team sharply on identifying and maximizing your product’s potential value innovation. It’s about accelerating your thinking through your product’s ultimate value proposition.


Tenet 2 and Tenet 4: Value Innovation and Frictionless UX

Timing Really Is Everything

In 1990, I devised an interactive animation for my master’s thesis at the New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program that fused my software design skills with my love for experimental art and music. It was a mash-up of technology and art jammed onto an 800 KB floppy disk. The electronic experience was programmed for the Macintosh in HyperCard and VideoWorks. The ...

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