Chapter 9. Designing for Conversion

[ 9 ]

Designing for Conversion

Most of my advances were by mistake. You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn’t.*
—R. Buckminster Fuller

You must constantly tweak your strategy to increase successful outcomes for customer acquisition and retention. Getting things wrong is imperative to the process. You need to strategize and design efficient funnels that do everything from make people aware of your value proposition to convert them into engaged customers. This process of testing and tweaking is known as designing for conversion. And it ties together all of the tenets, as depicted in Figure 9-1.

In the previous chapter, the focus was on gathering qualitative feedback from a small set of target users. In this chapter, I’ll demonstrate how to use landing pages and online advertising analytics to gather quantitative data from a much larger set of target users to test business ideas and validate marketing channels.


The four tenets of UX strategy

Dear Diary,

Friday September 23, 1983

Today was not a positive experience. I had to walk all the way home from school again. Everybody at my high school has a car except me. They are all snobby rich kids. And that idiot in History won’t stop humming “Michelle” when I walk into class. Why were my parents so lame to name me after a famous Beatles song?? It’s like every girl in the world ...

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