Chapter 2. The Four Tenets of UX Strategy

“In war, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”


A STELLAR UX STRATEGY IS A MEANS TO ACHIEVING DISRUPTION IN the marketplace through mental-model innovation. And to keep me from forgetting this, I have the sticker shown in Figure 2-1 on my laptop lid.

The sticker on my laptop lid
Figure 2-1. The sticker on my laptop lid

Because what’s the point in spending time and energy crafting a digital product that isn’t unique? Or, at the very least, is a much better alternative to current solutions found in the online marketplace?

To achieve that disruption, we need a framework in which to connect all the dots that will build a cohesive UX strategy. In this chapter, I’m going to break down the most important tenets that you need to understand in order to successfully implement the tools and techniques in this book. Think of it as a primer to get you and your team thinking like a UX strategist.

How I Discovered My UX Strategy Framework

In the digital world, strategy usually begins in the discovery phase. This is when teams dig deep into research to reveal key information about the product they want to build. I’ve always liked to think of the discovery phase as similar to the pretrial discovery process used by attorneys in the United States. To avoid a “trial by ambush,” lawyers can request to see the evidence of the opposing counsel in order to ...

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