Chapter 5. Conducting Competitive Analysis

“[Analysis is] the skilled application of scientific and non-scientific methods and processes by which individuals interpret data or information to produce insightful intelligence findings and actionable recommendations for decision makers.”[34]


THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS THAT YOU HAVE JUST COLLECTED BY doing a thorough investigation of the marketplace. In this chapter, I’m going to cover the basics for tackling the analysis section of the Competitive Analysis Matrix. By the end of the chapter, you’ll know several useful techniques that will help you to easily convert the mounds of raw data in your grid into actionable learnings. My goal is to prepare you to take a stance on the viability of your product and to make recommendations about how to move forward—in other words, Tenet 1, Business Strategy (Figure 5-1).

Tenet 1: Business Strategy
Figure 5-1. Tenet 1: Business Strategy

The Blockbuster Value Proposition, Part 2

Let’s return to the unfolding drama we left in Chapter 3, in which our UX strategist, Jaime, talks to Paul, a big-time movie producer, on a Hollywood backlot about his idea for a shopping site for the wealthy Busy Man. He’s just revealed how his value proposition also solves his personal problem.

INT. BUNGALOW – MORNING The shot frames JAIME and PAUL. Paul is ...

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