Activity-based costing, 65

APQC International Benchmarking Clearinghouse, 104

APQC model, 161


Business value-add activities

administration see Business value-add—administration activities

administrative activities, 5, 7

future, 5–6 see Business value-add—future activities

indirect, 5–6 see Business value-add—indirect activities

market transactions, 25

profit improvement, 26

vertical integration, 25

virtual integration, 25–26

waste, 26

Business value-add—administration (BVAA) activities, 158–159

activity-to-value creation category mapping, 34–36

administrative functions, 38

cost cutting, 37

internal communication and coordination, 33–34

management activities, 37–38

process management, 106

supply chain partners, 34

types of activities, ...

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