Aberration. See also Lenses, shortcomings

chromatic, 112-113

spherical, 101

Acceptable circle of confusion defined, 147

Acutance, 191-192


anamorphic effects, 44-46

angular, 4-5

back movement limitations, 43-44


image shapes, 17-26

plane of sharp focus, 26-32

effects of back movements on image

shapes, 36-38

sharpness, 39

effects of lens movements on image sharpness, 40

film rotation, 36


and depth of field, 15-16

limitations, 41

principles, 12-14

illustrated, 10-12

lateral, 4-5

lens movement limitations, 41-42

simultaneous use of tilts and swings, 33

tilts and swings, 16-17

types of movement limitations, 40-41

vertical, 4-5

vertical and horizontal shifts, 33-36

view cameras, 9-46

Advertising photography, 355-361


size and format shape, ...

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