Chapter 3. Low-Interaction Honeypots

3.1 Advantages and Disadvantages

3.2 Deception Toolkit

3.3 LaBrea

3.4 Tiny Honeypot

3.5 GHH — Google Hack Honeypot

3.6 PHP.HoP — A Web-Based Deception Framework

3.7 Securing Your Low-Interaction Honeypots

3.8 Summary

Low-interaction honeypots are fascinating for many different reasons. Many noncommercial solutions exist, and low-interaction honeypots are easy to set up. Even without much experience, you can set up a network of hundreds of low-interaction virtual honeypots in a short time. This chapter provides a detailed overview of how low-interaction honeypots work and presents a few open source solutions like LaBrea and Tiny Honeypot. This chapter will not discuss Honeyd, another well-known open source ...

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