In this index, f represents a figure and t

represents a table.



Abrams, Mike, 69, 100, 107, 117, 132,139

AchieveGlobal Adult Learning Techniques,         114       add-ins (plug-ins), 38–39, 57       administrator role, 55, 55t

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, 10, 49       breakout rooms, 66f, 67       chat window, 58f, 60f       description of, 50t       desktop sharing menu command, 67f       feedback options for participants, 113f       hand raised in, 106f       online meeting room, 52       poll sample, 64f       pre-class activity slide, 130f       raise hand/change status menu, 65f       sharing documents feature, 56f       text annotation, 102f       virtual training classroom, 13f       website, 50t       whiteboard annotation ...

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