12 Three-Dimensional Spintronics

Dorothée Petit, Rhodri Mansell, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco, JiHyun Lee and Russell P. Cowburn


12.1 Introduction

12.2 Topological Kink Solitons in Magnetic Multilayers

12.3 Soliton Mobility

12.3.1 Principle

12.3.2 Operating Margin

12.4 Soliton Stability

12.5 Soliton–Soliton Interaction

12.6 Experimental Realization

12.6.1 Effect of Dipolar Interaction

12.6.2 Full Micromagnetic Calculations

12.7 Conclusion



12.1 Introduction

Spintronics is an emerging technology in which the spin of the electron is used to form a new generation of radiation-hard, nonvolatile, low-energy devices. To date, most interest has focused on memory applications such as hard drive read heads or on future ...

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