Chapter 5. Useful Tools and References

VMware has traditionally been configured and managed through the vCenter client. However, there are many tools that can manage and provide useful information via the Command Line Interface provided on the ESXI server. In this chapter, we’ll examine some important command-line utilities that will aid you in monitoring and configuring your ESXI server, and we’ll take a look at general best practices for setting up services that will be crucial for your ESXI server.

5.1. Entering Maintenance Mode via the Command Line


You are unable to access your vCenter server to initiate the maintenance mode command inside the vCenter. This can occur if there is a network outage, database corruption, or failed hardware. The method shown here will allow you to put the ESXi Host in maintenance mode and will allow for a safe shutdown if needed.


This command is not supported as of ESXi 5.0 in the esxshell and will require an additional installation on a Windows Server to access the vCLI Toolkit. Putting ESXi hosts in maintenance mode should be completed inside the vCenter if possible.


To enter the maintenance mode, use this command: --server <ip> --username root --password <pass> --operation enter

To exit the maintenance mode, enter: --server <ip> --username root --password <pass> --operation exit

5.2. Displaying Server Information


You want to display current information about your ESX Server.


Run the ...

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