CHAPTER 13 Basics of Light and Lighting




Everything can be transformed, deformed, and obliterated by light. Its flexibility is precisely the same as the suppleness of the brush.

Man Ray (From La Photographie N’est Pas L’Art, 1937)

I came to love the moment when you had decided the set-up with the director, and you’d be left alone in the set with your gaffer and your sparks and your lights to create the scene – like a painter in his studio.

Douglas Slocombe (From “Visual Style” by Wandering Gio, 2015)

A cinematographer has to design and write a story, starting at the beginning, through the evolution, to the end. That’s why I consider my profession is as a writer of light.

Vittorio Storaro (From “Visual Style” by Wandering Gio, 2015) ...

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