Chapter 9. More Ways to Drive Engagement

You sort of smell it, don't you, that engagement of people as people. What goes on in meetings, how people talk to each other. You get the sense of energy, engagement, commitment, belief in what the organisation stands for.

Lord Currie[50]

Growth, recognition, and trust are the three drivers on which managers should stay focused, but there are several other factors that have a significant impact on engagement. Depending on the individual organization, the industry, the country, and even the statistical method used, these other drivers frequently show up in employee surveys:

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Future vision

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Product/service quality

While nothing can replace a professionally designed and administered employee engagement survey to discover what drivers need to be addressed, what follows will reveal sample questions that can be used in team meetings or with individual employees to help you to get a sense of current engagement levels.


Sudha is a medical illustrator who works on a team that develops health education programs. Other team members include medical writers, Web developers, video producers, and a project manager, to whom she reports. She loves the work she does and is very motivated by the company's mission to improve lives through better health, but she is constantly frustrated by the lack of teamwork. Too often, the project manager just dumps a list of needed illustrations on her desk, along with the technical ...

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