Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Paper as a transport mechanism, Also Known As, Generalized Solution
RDF (Resource Description Framework), Semantics, Generalized Solution
RealPlayer plug-in, Multimedia
record protocol (TLS), Security
recoverability, Connectivity/Reachability
reductionism, Reductionism
reference architecture, About Reference Architectures, About Reference ArchitecturesAbout Reference Architectures, About Reference Architectures, About Reference Architectures
cardinality, About Reference Architectures
defined, About Reference Architectures
overview, About Reference ArchitecturesAbout Reference Architectures
spatial-temporal variance, About Reference Architectures
reference models, How to Use Models and Patterns (see models)
registries, The Service Tier, The Service Tier
defined, The Service Tier
functionality, The Service Tier
Reitman, Laurel, The Web 2.0 Reference Architecture
relevance, CMS/wiki comparison, Participation and Relevance
reliable messaging, Connectivity/Reachability
remote procedure call (RPC), Also Known As
rendering process, The Client Application Tier
repositories, The Service Tier, Static Structure
defined, The Service Tier
policy, Static Structure
Representational State Transfer, How to Use Models and Patterns (see REST)
Request/Response pattern, Request/Response via service registry
Resource Description Framework (RDF), Semantics, Generalized Solution
resource tier (Reference Architecture), The Web 2.0 Reference Architecture, The Resource TierThe Resource ...

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