Adding space around aligned images

When text flows around an image, browsers allow it to bump up against the image’s edge. Usually, it is preferable to have a little space between the image and the surrounding text. In HTML, you provide this space by using the vspace and hspace attributes within the img element.

Text wraps around floated images

Figure 12-5. Text wraps around floated images

The vspace (vertical space) attribute holds a specified number of pixels of space above and below an aligned image. Space to the left and the right is added with hspace (horizontal space). Note that space is always added symmetrically (both top and bottom, or on both sides), and it is not possible with these attributes to specify an amount of space along a particular side of the image (you can, however, do this with style sheets). Figure 12-6 shows an image aligned with the hspace attribute set to 12.

Figure 12-6. Image ...

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