Chapter 7. Introducing Podcasting

In This Chapter

  • Setting up an inexpensive production studio

  • Preparing a podcast

  • Recording a podcast

  • Distributing your creation

Blogging puts words on a page. Podcasting puts your voice directly on the Web in the form of audio files that your readers can download and play back at their leisure. That creates a kind of direct connection with your audience, as they hear your tone and inflection.

Because of that, podcasting is a great supplement to your blogging strategy as part of your Internet marketing campaign.

This chapter is a very high-level view of podcasting. If you're going to try it once or twice, the information here will get you through the initial throes. If you're going to get serious, though, read Podcasting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, by Tee Morris, Chuck Tomasi, Evo Terra, and Kreg Steppe (Wiley). It covers everything from using special mics to advanced promotion techniques.

Podcasts do require some extra technology as well as a few extra steps on your part. That's what this chapter is about: getting your blog to a podcast.

Podcasting 101

Podcasting is no longer the realm of audiophiles and sound engineers. Recording, producing, and distributing your very own online audio show has become relatively easy.

A podcast is an audio or video recording you make and then distribute by using a special RSS feed. Don't let the word special scare you. I'll get to that later in the section, "Supporting Podcasting on Your Blog."

Podcasts are always fun to produce, ...

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